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Photos: A trip to Moku-Moku Farm

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Just a few days ago, I went on a university sponsored trip to Moku-Moku Farm in Mie, Japan. I didn’t expect much from it cos the last time I went on a similar trip, it was just plain boring. But I went anyway, hoping to catch some people pictures since many foreign students were going. Though in the end, I must say the farm really offered me more than I expected, and I had some good fun capturing pictures!

Here are some photos from the trip. More photos can be found here. Enjoy!


First up is my favourite ‘Moo’ picture. I especially like the nose and mouth part of the cow cos I feel it just shouts out ‘I’m a cow’ to me. So I decided to take a close up shot of the nose and mouth in focus and the rest blurred out. When editing, I added more contrast to the pic and made it monotone so that it could make the nose and mouth part really stand out without any color distraction from the rest of the pic.


Second is my sheep pic! I took a pic that showed the whole head and part of the body cos I felt that was the part of them that stood out. Black in front and white at the back. Not forgetting the very cute ears that just went straight out from the side. (I love those ears!) I kept the colours but I lowered the saturation with this one when I edited it cos I didn’t want the blue up there to take away the focus from the sheep.  But I liked it enough to keep it there. So, I lowered the saturation and added vignetting to add focus to the sheep.


Third are the goats. I just happened to catch these two head-butting (Just in case you are curious, the black one won). I shot this from a low angle, so that we can see both the horns and the face. I particularly liked the expression on the white goat. Edited this the way I did with the sheep pic cos I didn’t want the wooden fence to be in too much colour and then taking away focus from the goats. So, I lowered the saturation and added vignetting to it.


Next is the pig! This was taken at a pig performance show. Captured this moment cos it felt so much like the girl was asking the pig to go somewhere together with her fingers pointing out. This pic brought me back to my childhood times at animal shows so I decided to bring out some nostalgic feeling to the pic through editing.  I added a hint of brown and pink and lowered the saturation to make it feel like a picture from the past


Then of course we also had horses at the farm. Saw the black horse kissing the brown one away while the brown one just seem not to be bothered by it one bit so I captured this with the kissing in action but giving focus to the ‘can’t be bothered’ look of the brown horse. I liked the brown horse’s colour, so I kept this in full colour. I even pumped up the colours a bit for it to stand out even more and added a tint of orange to the picture to create the late afternoon sunlight feel.


Last is the ever active white horse at the farm. He seemed to really want attention cos from time to time he would just start galloping and perform circus like acts. So during one of his rounds, I tried to capture him in action and I caught him in the air. There was too many distractions in the background so I decided to made this monotone. I also added quite a lot of contrast to this photo cos by doing so the white would really stand out which is what I would want. Added some bronze like colour to it too cos I felt it made the picture more cowboyish.


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November 3, 2009 at 2:52 pm

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