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Conceptual Diptych, Triptych and Polyptych

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Today, I went for a movie with an Indonesian friend. It was near dinner time when the movie ended so we decided that we might as well have dinner too before heading home. We found a nice restaurant but had to wait to wait almost 30 mins before we got to enter the restaurant. So while waiting, I decided to shoot some pics with my handphone’s camera (which later on turned into a series of photo snapping even during and after dinner).

Because of how bad the quality of the handphone camera is, I decided to do more conceptual shots to make the photos more interesting. Also, as you can see from below, I made diptych, triptych and polyptych using the photos today. Hope you like them!

091108_1814~03-2 copy

First one consists of photos taken while waiting for our turn to get in. I liked how the floor design was and thought it’d make a good background. So I took photos of feet! The photo on the left and the right, I ignored the rule of thirds and had my objects on the far left or right. As for editing, I decided to make the photos B&W this time with high contrast to really help my objects stand out.


091108_1847~01-2 copy

Second one is just a family I found cute. On the left, you can see the dad and his son while the other is of the mom and the other son. And both photos had them seating diagonally. I lowered the saturation and made this a bit pinky to created the family feeling.


091108_1950~01 copy

Third one here is pictures I took at the train station. It’s of the same people waiting for the train but from a different angle and also placing them on different sides of the pictures. I kept the colours cos I like how train stations look like originally, especially the yellow lines.


091108_1842~04 copy

Last one here, I made it a mix of portrait photography and interior designs at the restaurant. As you can see, I didn’t take straight up mug shots. Instead, I only took part of her face for both photos. I feel sometimes photos like this speak more for the person rather than normal portraits.

My friend here wasn’t in such a chirpy mood today which is why I took the facing down pic. But she had a new pair of earrings on hoping it would put her into a better mood which explains the side pic with her earrings. As for the interiors, one somewhat has lights held in by a container while the other has lights bursting out from the holes. I pumped up both the colours and contrasts for all pics.

*If you want to know how to make diptych or triptych or poliptych, here’s a quite detailed step by step diptych tutorial from Flickr. Have fun!


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November 8, 2009 at 3:10 pm

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