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Book: Wedding Photography Unveiled – Part IV

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IV. The Ceremony – Long Lenses & Quiet Shoes

There are certain things that allow me to be a low-key shooter during the ceremony. First, I always check in advance what I can and cannot do. Second, fast films and the greater sensitivity of digital mean I probably won’t need flash. Third, I can always use a tripod if necessary – a tripod with a long lens from the balcony can keep the shots intimate. ~Kathi Littwin

She relies on long lens and her love of the simplicity of pure moments to get her most successful ceremony shots. She tries to stay as invisible as possible, which includes wearing quiet shoes and dark clothing. (on Meg Smith)

Even though at the very traditional Malaysian Chinese wedding, we probably don’t need quiet shoes cos it’s not a quiet event anyway. But staying as invisible as possible is important in a wedding ceremony of any culture not only to show respect to the ceremony but also to enable oneself to capture the raw emotions you can find during the ceremony.

One of the most important things a photographer can do is to see the ceremony from all sides. ~Parker J. Pfister

The bride and groom is definitely the star of the day, but there’s much more to a wedding. Parents, siblings, close friends, every one of them displays different kind of emotion during the ceremony.  Instead of having ten shots of the bride and groom from the same angle, look around and you’ll find some moment worth capturing. And it’d be nice for the bride and groom to know after the event details that they might have missed during their wedding. For example, how their parents or close friends looked like when they exchanged their vows.

You can plan how to get a certain shot; you can anticipate what’s coming and be one step ahead of it. ~ Meg Smith

Of course not everything in a wedding goes accordingly as planned, but we know in general what follows after what. So you can think beforehand, what kind of image you would like to create. Though it doesn’t mean that you can always get what you had in mind but at least you can make sure you are at the right place at the right time and not miss capturing any moments.

(Quotes are from Wedding Photography Unveiled)

Written by SE

January 19, 2010 at 12:16 am

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