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Tips: Knowing your target audience

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Many may think that the photography market is an easy one to enter but any photographer would tell you differently. It’s not just plainly a matter of how good you are but like all other businesses, marketing plays a very big role here too.

Sacha Dean Biyan understands this well. His site, Eccentris which took him three years to build is an award-winning site that receives over 2 million hits each month. It incorporates not only big, high resolution images but also clever animation and CD quality sound. Of course, such a rich multimedia site drags through most viewers’ browsers but here’s what Sacha has to say about it.

“The target audience was the art directors and other creatives in the field who were all equipped with fast computers and big screens and high-speed connections,” says Sacha. “[It] was never intended to attract a mainstream audience, although (for good or bad) it has, mostly out of curiosity I presume.”

Sacha’s spot on here. So what if it takes eons to load on an average photography-lover’s computer since they are afterall not the target audience?

Lesson here: Knowing your target audience is very important. If you are into wedding photography, such a site would be a terrible choice cos the average bride or groom to be won’t have fast computers or high-speed connections. A website as light as possible would be the best choice.

You can read more about Sacha Dean Biyan’s portfolio approach on Photopreneur.

Written by SE

March 20, 2010 at 11:52 pm

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