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Photos: Sakuras around the neighbourhood

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I’ve always been more of an autumn person rather than a sakura person. But being that it’s my last year here in Japan, I thought I’d take more pics of the sakuras this year. And so, I decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood today. Here’s to share my favourites from today’s take.

First up is a simple shot of the sakuras with a tiny bud at the back.

Japanese like the sakuras during mankai – full bloom. It’s when all the parks are full of people picnicking under the sakura trees. But I like the sakuras better when they’ve just started to bloom. They look much more delicate that way with little buds accompanying them here and there. Whereas during mankai, all you see are just ‘bunches’ of sakuras. I find that a bit hard to shoot.

Here, instead of taking the sakuras in their most natural way (on trees), I thought this was an interesting composition using the post and the phone lines up there. Somewhat a combination of nature and modern life. Also liked the shadows from other sakuras being in the shot. :)

Just two shots for today. Up next, I’ll be posting photos of some other flowers I took along the way today!


Written by SE

April 3, 2010 at 11:35 pm

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