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Book: Wedding Photography Unveiled – Part VI

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VI. The Reception – Fast lenses, High ISOs, and Candid Moments Galore

I always walk a fine line between making pretty images for the client and making images that are personal to me.  ~Melissa Mermin

We all know that throughout all weddings, there are always the few important moments which the couple definitely want photos of. But, of course, we do not want to fall into the average Joe category shooting just ‘normal’ pics of those moments. So, we take a balance here. Shoot the important moments, but through our own eyes (creative angles, interesting compositions etc.). That’s what makes us photographers. We are there not just to shoot, but to create photos.

At the wedding he always makes sure to have an assistant with him who can shoot the traditional images that the client expects.  On Mike Colon

Knowing there’s a safety net, it gives us more space to be creative. Perhaps for brides and grooms, this sounds a bit like cheating. But think of it as a plus point. You get 2 photographers, and you get creative and beautiful shots!

During the couple’s first dance, I had already seen on the back of my camera that I had great close-ups and I had great full lengths. Once I know that, it then gives me the opportunity to say, ‘Hey, I’ve got what they expect to see, now let me step outside of that and try to find something more magical.’ ~Charles Marings

Instead of being stuck in one corner or at a certain angle, move around. Even if the place you are at might be giving you a perfect angle, a perfect lighting, but we don’t need 10 copies of that. Who knows, we might find another angle which gives us a better shot!

Sometimes, we might also fall into the perfectionist self (or is it just me?) and focus too much on getting one tiny detail right in the picture. And by spending too much time on that tiny detail in a wedding where everything happens so fast, we’dbe betting on losing dozens of precious moments. So, don’t dwell (at least not too much)!


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  1. I try to take the “normal” shots then explore the creative angle. I just heard a story of a mother-in-law who wasn’t impressed with the creative shots and demanded to know where the normal shots were.

    She ended up hiring a different photographer to get studio shots done where people were seated in a row and all smiled at the camera. She was happier with that.

    Goes to show you can’t please everyone, but being an Average Joe might be needed at times.

    Nicholas Leong

    April 19, 2010 at 1:58 pm

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