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52 Breakfasts: #15

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This week’s entry for 52 Breakfasts: Salad

After gym yesterday, I decided to drop by the supermarket, just for fun. And I came across all these fresh vege, I just couldn’t resist. Take a guess on what I have in the bowl. (Hint: There’s at least 10 ingredients in there!)


Vege/fruits: Seedless grapes, yellow cherry tomatoes, red grape tomatoes, mushrooms, egg,  ice plant, baby leaves (mixture of young spinach, mizuna, arugula a.k.a. rocket, lettuce, endive etc. )

Others: Croutons, Garlic, Rosemary, Parsley,

For foodies, here’s how I prepared the salad:

1. Cut bread into cubes.

2. Over low heat, sauté garlic in a mixture of olive oil and butter.

3. Add in bread, and pan fry them till crispy. ( A better way is to bake it, but I don’t have an oven. :p)

4. Remove the bread from the pan and add in some herbs. In my case, I decided to use rosemary today.

5. Add a bit more olive oil to the pan, and then add in mushroom, salt and pepper. When it looks about right, remove it from heat.

6. In the bowl, throw in all the green veges. On top of that, throw in the sliced tomatos, hard boiled eggs, and the mushrooms and croutons. Lastly, don’t forget some salt and some parsley. And there, it’s now ready to go!

P.S. It’s my first time having ice plant and it sure was yummy. Hopefully I can still find them when I return to Malaysia for good.


Written by SE

April 22, 2010 at 8:39 pm

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