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Before Breakfast Readings #2

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1. Food Pixels Food Photography Blog: Because of my 52 Breakfasts project, I’m on constant lookout for good food photography blogs and this is one of them. Not only does it offer tips on food styling, lighting and so forth, for foodies, it also offers recipes!

2. The Best Photography How-To Books: I’ve been looking for photography books to shop for lately and came across this list. I know a few books in the list are really good books, so I guess it could be a good list to refer to when shopping for photography books.

3. Landscape Photography for the Serious Amateur: I was never a landscape photog. Never had an interest for it and still don’t now. But I want to give it a try one day (soon!) and do well nevertheless. Gonna refer to this when I plan for a landscape shoot.

Happy reading!


Before Breakfast Readings #1

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I generally like to read before bed and after I wake up, thus the “Late Night Readings” post that I did the other night and this “Before Breakfast Readings” post.

Here’s to share some of the stuff I read this morning. It’s always good to share, don’t you think? ;)

  1. DSLR HD Videos: Steady Shooting and Superb Sound are Key – I’ve always known that in shooting HDDSLR, we need gears to cut down video shake and to enhance sound cos the sound we get through a normal DSLR camera is definitely not enough. But this article does not just tell us that, it tells us what gears we can use to achieve that. Practical advices here!
  2. 7 Tips for Aspiring Food Pornographers – Besides the usual shallow DOF and window lighting tips, there are also some tips on photo composition and food styling here that I didn’t know before this. So, I guess that makes it worth sharing.

Have a good week people!! :)

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August 9, 2010 at 11:25 am