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Book: Wedding Photography Unveiled – Part II

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II. Here, There, And Everywhere – The Role of the Photographer on Wedding Day

  • The photographer is a preserver of memories, especially on the wedding day, when emotions run high and the entire event is a blur for those involved. As the years go by, the memories that last are the ones that are captured in the photographs. It is a huge responsibility, and it is part of the reason capturing the authenticity and emotional substance of each wedding is so important to the wedding photographer.
  • The photographer should try to stay calm and make sure they aren’t adding to the chaos and stress that surrounds most wedding days. ~Liz Banfield
  • They don’t know how I’m composing my images; they don’t know that by talking to them and having the bride look halfway back to me, I’m actually posing them. Technically, I am, but I’m not really expressing that to them while I’m talking to them. That’s what I mean by ‘anti-posing.’ ~Jose Villa
  • She had a beautiful dress, they had a cake … It was wonderful and intimate – up until a torrential downpour began, and the bride was beside me. I looked at her and said, “This will be the memory of your day forever. It’s raining on your wedding day, but it’s not a bad thing – every time it rains it will remind you of this moment – it’s a beautiful thing.” The bride looked at me and said, “Oh, my god, you’re right,” and after that it unfolded beautifully and the mood and energy shifted and we went outside with umbrellas and I took shots in the rain, as well as images of the windowpane with raindrops on it. These were the unique details of their day that they will always remember. ~Elizabeth Messina
  • For me, it’s important to remember to have fun during the celebration while remaining respectful and discreet. I photograph from my heart. Establishing a strong relationship is a key factor. ~Virginie Blachere

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December 12, 2009 at 10:54 pm

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